WeHoLife Nightlife Safety Kit

If you think your drink has been spiked

  • Ask someone you trust to help you get to a safe place
  • If you feel unwell or have been injured, call 911 or go to an emergency room
  • Contact the Sheriff’s Dept. as soon as possible after a suspected incident to file a report

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STOP Violence Program

The Los Angeles Center’s STOP Violence Program strives to increase access to mental health and supportive services for survivors of domestic violence, intimate partner abuse, sexual assault as well as other crimes.

STOP Violence Program (SVP)
[email protected]
Warmline: 323-860-5806

Legal Advocacy Project for Survivors (LAPS)
[email protected]

If this is an emergency, call 911!

Services We Provide

• Specialized Assessment
• Crisis Counseling
• Individual Therapy
• Groups
• Essential Resources

Test My Drink Kit Locations

Abbey 692 N Robertson Blvd. 90069
Bayou 8939 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Beaches 8928 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Being Alive 7080 Hollywood Blvd. #401 90028
Block Party WeHo 8853 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Center South 2313 W. MLK Jr. Blvd 90008
Center WeHo 8745 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Fiesta Cantina 8865 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Greenwich Village Pizza 8937 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Gym Sports Bar & Grill 8919 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Hamburger Mary 8288 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Hi Tops Bar 8933 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Hollywood Burger 8807 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Justin Queso 8917 Sunset Blvd. 90069
LA LGBT Youth Center 1118 N. McCadden Place 90038
Men’s Health Foundation (SMB) 8280 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Men’s Health Foundation (Sunset) 9201 Sunset Blvd. 812 90069
Men’s Health Foundation Pharmacy 9201 Sunset Blvd. G2 90069
Mickey’s WeHo 8857 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Motherlode 8944 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Rainbow Bar and Grill 9015 Sunset Blvd. 90069
Revolver Video Bar 8851 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Rocco’s WeHo 8900 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Saddle Ranch Chop House 8371 Sunset Blvd. 90069
St. Felix WeHo 8945 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Stache 8941 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
The Doctor 7543 Santa Monica Blvd. 90046
The Viper Room 8852 Sunset Blvd. 90069
TomTom Restaurant & Bar 8932 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Trunks 8809 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069
Whisky A Go Go 8901 Sunset Blvd. 90069
Yogurt Stop 8803 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069

AB 472: California’s 911 Good Samaritan Law

In addition to increased naloxone access and immunity, California also has a 911 Good Samaritan overdose fatality prevention law. Although many overdose deaths are preventable, many people fear arrest if they call for help at the scene of a suspected drug overdose. These 911 Good Samaritan laws, which also exist in several other states, are designed to encourage people to seek medical help for overdose victims by limiting prosecution or arrest for low-level drug violations.

California’s 911 Good Samaritan law was signed into law in 2013 under Assembly Bill 472. The bill provides that it shall not be a crime for any person who seeks medical assistance for a person experiencing a drug-related overdose to be under the influence of, or to possess for personal use, a controlled substance under certain circumstances related to the overdose. The caller must have a reasonable belief that someone is experiencing an overdose emergency and must be reporting that emergency in good faith. Additionally, people seeking these protections must not obstruct medical or law enforcement personnel.

If you witness a suspected overdose, call 911 and seek medical care for the victim immediately, as you will not face prosecution or arrest for low-level drug violations. You may just save a life.