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Why I Give

Jenifer Lewis

My affinity for the LGBT community goes way back, so far, in fact, that they’re…

Why I Give

Amy Gordon Yanow

When the Center launched its bold F*ck W/out Fear campaign in 2017 to raise awareness…

Why I Give

Susan A. Simons

Born in Nebraska and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Susan A. Simons became an…

Why I Give

Justin Tranter

Being queer is my favorite thing about myself. It informs my art, my heart, and…

Why I Give

Shoshanna Bean

I don’t know when—or  how— it  began,  but I’ve never had any semblance of tolerance…

Why I Give

Karim Abay

When Karim Abay was contemplating whether to join the Center as a new board member,…

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