Center is New Home of


Ownership of the popular internet domain has been transferred to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

The domain, estimated to be worth millions of dollars, was donated to the Center by VS Media and its flagship live cam site, Flirt4Free.

“The Center provides services for more LGBT people than any other organization in the world,” said Flirt4Free Executive Vice President Brad Estes. “I’m very happy to announce that the future of will go on within their extraordinary organization.”

The company acquired the domain last year and wanted to transform it into something that would provide maximum support for the LGBT community. They reached out to five of the top LGBT charities and asked them to come up with a proposal detailing how they planned to use the site in order to further their organization while supporting the LGBT community as a whole.

“We were thrilled to see the enthusiasm and ideas the challenge brought forth by the various charities,” said Flirt4Free President Gregory Clayman Clayman.

The domain currently redirects to the Center’s blog, as more options are being explored.

Originally published August 2017


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