Chris Dean & Rose Veniegas


As two of the newest members of the Center’s Circle of Life,Chris Dean and Rose Veniegas want to invest in the future by including the Center in their estate plan.

“I feel very lucky to be a part of the LGBT community, and can’t think of a better group of people to march, dance, laugh, dream, cry, advocate, learn and celebrate with,” said Dean. “I’m so grateful that the Center fosters community through its many programs, and I want it to be there for future generations as a beacon of hope and support for those who need it.”

After receiving her M.A. from Dartmouth College, Dean actually worked at the Center for six years.

“I began my tenure as a receptionist and, after a series of promotions over the years, I oversaw individual and foundation giving, operations, and special events. I credit the Center and its many great mentors for launching my career in fundraising,” said Dean, currently the director of development at Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles.

The couple hopes more people think about the Center when they are making their estate plans or through another type of planned gift.

“There are moments in life when we need places like the Center. It is a source of light and strength during difficult times,” said Veniegas.

Added Dean, “When you contribute to the Center, you are supporting homeless youth, people in need of free and low-cost medical care, victims of hate crimes and domestic abuse, people who are in the process of coming out, and many others. In addition to safety-net programs, you are elevating our voices through the Center’s advocacy work and promoting the well-being of our community through the arts, senior and family programs.”

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