Meet the Center’s CJ Richardson


I wanted a job with a purpose and an impact, and the Los Angeles LGBT Center is one of the most impactful non-profit organizations existing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has really shown me just how resilient our staff at the Center can be.

Normally, I am responsible for helping to craft and facilitate programing for youth at the Center that will help build leadership and communication skills. We want them to build community with one another and to grow confident in their own skills and abilities. 

For the past five weeks, we have been working to make sure we can still provide some kind of services for our residential and drop-in youth while maintaining social distancing.

My job these days is being a support in whatever way I can whether working from home or coming in for an overnight shift. We are finding creative ways to engage with our youth residents, like playing games of Bingo, to help pass the time. 

There have been some memorable moments in recent weeks including when one of the youth members choreographed a dance to one of her favorite songs. I had the chance to see her and another staff practice the dance—and even picked up a few of the moves myself. 

Working for the Center has given me the chance to meet some amazing folks. It has helped me grow personally and professionally and has ultimately changed my perspective on the millions of ways you can support someone.

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN  

Year Started at The Center: 2017 

Staff Position: Youth Development Coordinator 


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