Community Leaders Respond to the Announcement of Joe Hollendoner as Center’s Next Leader


“Joe clearly understands this moment and has a clear vision for the Center’s future and for that of our community. His commitment to dismantling systemic racism is in his bones and he will lead with this commitment as the Center’s new CEO.” – David Bailey, Board of Directors Co-Chair, Los Angeles LGBT Center

“The Board could not have picked a better leader to continue Lorri’s legacy of excellence in LGBT programming and advocacy. Joe pioneered his nonprofit career at Howard Brown, developing our LGBT youth drop-in center. He went on to work for me at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) as vice president, funding nearly 100 organizations for an array of essential services. A charismatic and servant leader, Joe will position the Center for continued growth and influence galvanizing support for LGBT equality locally and nationally.”  – David Ernesto Munar, President & CEO, Howard Brown Health; Board Member, Black AIDS Institute

“Joe’s leadership at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation stands out for his significant contributions to our City’s efforts to end the HIV epidemic and for building strong and meaningful partnerships with other community-based organizations. San Francisco Community Health Center (formerly API Wellness) is among them. Over the past five years, we have collaborated on numerous projects that are focused on the most marginalized communities impacted by HIV. I am grateful to Joe for his vision, his tenacity, and all of our good work together.” – Lance Toma, Executive Director, San Francisco Community Health Center; Board Member, CenterLink

“Joe came to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation in the midst of a crisis in leadership, with staff morale at a low ebb. His swift personal engagement in assessment, active listening, and decisive action turned the tide at the AIDS Foundation at a critical time. His leadership energized the organization, propelling it to successfully complete and implement a five-year strategic plan grounded in commitments to health equity and racial justice that have respected and elevated staff, put our clients first, and honored our diverse communities. It is remarkable that so much has changed for the better at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation under Joe’s empathetic and visionary leadership. We are all better for the time we have spent in service with each other. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with him.” – Ernest Hopkins, Sr. Strategist & Advisor, San Francisco AIDS Foundation; Board Member, National AIDS Housing Coalition

“I was thrilled to hear the news of Joe being tapped to succeed our beloved Lorri Jean as the new CEO of the LA LGBT Center. Joe is a trusted, committed, and wicked smart leader and strategist. But more than that he is an uncommonly decent, kind and open-hearted human who is an ally to LBTQ women. The Center and our entire community will benefit from Joe’s leadership.” – Kate Kendell, Former Executive Director, National Center for Lesbian Rights Center

“Joe Hollendoner is an exceptional leader and a wonderful activist for the LGBTQ community. Joe’s high level of expertise, healthy self-confidence, and excellent leadership skills combine to make him the very best person as the new CEO of the Los Angeles LGBT Center. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Joe, and I have the utmost confidence that he will champion the transgender and non-binary communities in his new role.” – Toni Newman, Interim Executive Director, LYRIC Center for LGBTQQ Youth; Former Executive Director, St. James Infirmary

“Under Joe Hollendoner’s able leadership at SFAF, we have seen new HIV infections continue to decline. Services for people living with HIV have been expanded and strengthened and better reach those populations at greatest risk. Joe is a trusted and effective advocate who understands that our fight against HIV and AIDS requires us to be on the frontline of the struggle to dismantle systemic racism. While I am sad to see Joe move on, I celebrate his contributions to our city over the past five years and wish him well.” – Cleve Jones, Co-Founder, San Francisco AIDS Foundation

“Joe Hollendoner, MSW, is the rarest of professionals in that he simultaneously leads with a compelling vision; manages with an acumen that motivates all around him to excellence and wakes daily with a laser-like focus on the wellbeing and advancement of the people being served and those serving alongside him. The Board of the Los Angeles LGBT Center has made a brilliant selection for its next CEO.”  – Douglas Brooks, MSW, Former Director, Office of National AIDS Policy, The White House; Board Member, San Francisco AIDS Foundation; Vice President, Advancing Black Equity and Community Engagement Gilead Sciences

“I am thrilled the Los Angeles LGBT Center has chosen Joe Hollendoner as their new CEO. Joe’s hiring builds on the extraordinary leadership Lorri Jean has provided over the years and greatly contributes to the consequential services the Center provides to the community. Bringing to bear Joe’s strategic mind, collaborative spirit, and thoughtful, steady hand is a clear example of the Center’s understanding of an organization meeting the moment. San Francisco’s loss is Los Angeles’ gain.” – Brett Andrews, CEO, PRC

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