Emerging LGBTQ Stars Celebrate First OUTfluence Event


Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers finished performing their powerful anthem Can’t Break Me, shared a quick kiss, then as if on cue, Disneyland’s nightly fireworks began exploding in the sky.

The married singing duo known as Bria and Chrissy were among the performers at the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s inaugural OUTfluence celebration on June 21 and held at the rooftop venue The FIFTH, located across the street from the Magic Kingdom.

“I was supposed to tell you guys we have a surprise with the fireworks, but it was beautiful the way it happened at the end of their performance with a little kiss,” OUTfluence host AmbersCloset told the crowd of more than 200 invited YouTube personalities, performers, and other LGBTQ influencers who were in Anaheim for the ninth annual VidCon US event.

AmbersCloset said she felt “blessed” to be asked to host the event celebrating the success of the influencers and the work of the Center.

“I do anything I can for the Center,” the actress and YouTube star said. “I feel a sense of responsibility to help with their amazing cause and what they do for our youth, our elderly, and our entire community.”

During their performance, newlyweds Bria and Chrissy explained that their song Can’t Break Me was about a landmark five-year legal battle Chambers won earlier this year in Great Britain. She successfully sued an ex who uploaded “revenge pornography” videos of her to the internet.

“If you ever had anyone in your life who said something to hurt you or say you couldn’t get through something, this is an anthem about not being able to be broken,” Kam said from the stage. “It’s showing that person that you’re tougher than that and you’re going to be stronger because of it.”

Also performing at the party was Chad Jaxon Perez who entertained the crowd with his rendition of the Shawn Mendes hit There’s Nothing Holding Me Back, which Perez made part of his coming out video last year.

“This means a lot to me because it’s my coming out song,” Perez shared with attendees. “At the end of the day there’s nothing holding you back if you love yourself and you just love everybody else.”

Actress and singer Alexandra Grey, who also is a former Center youth client, noted her enthusiasm for the one-of-a-kind event. “I’m excited to celebrate the influencers, to celebrate each other and support each other,” Grey said.

DJ Asha, who had played a set before the performances, returned to the decks and had the crowd on the dance floor for the rest of the night.

Other popular YouTubers at the party included Tré Melvin, Ricky Thompson, Denzel Dion, Ashly Perez, Chantel Houston, Alli Fitz, HARTBEAT, Louie Castro, Ali Spagnolia, Andy Lalwani, Ashley Wylde, Drea Knows, Jackson Bird, F0XY, Jaclyn Glenn, Kelz Washington, Ahsante Bean, Meghan Tonjes, Sarah Croce, Noam Ash, Zachary Campbell, and Kenneth Senegal.

Also in attendance were video producer Amanda Holland, designers Uzo Ejikeme and Stoney Michelli, singer and TV host Xavier Brinkman, musician Zolita, musician and actor Ryan Cassata, and podcast host and author Jayce Baron.

“It’s great to meet new people who are influencers online in the digital age,” Baron said. “There’s a lot of power in being on the internet. Our podcast is listened to in over 100 countries around the world. It’s crazy the influence you can have with a click—especially when something goes viral. It’s great to see these people who are making such an impact around the world all in one place.”

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