Meet Center Volunteer Fay Fay Ye


I wanted to make a difference in the community. So I challenged myself to giving 100 hours in a year to the Center. Now, I’m hooked!

For my day job, I work as a paralegal within the Office of the General Counsel at Farmers Insurance. I am part of the Farmers LGBT & Allies Employee Resource Group, where we work to elevate LGBT+ considerations within the workplace to ensure a secure and inclusive environment for all.

I’m lucky because my employer really values corporate social responsibility; I have always felt supported in my community efforts.

I learned a lot more about the Center and its services after I began volunteering. I have also had the chance to further educate myself on the important issues within the LGBTQ community. My biggest takeaway so far is that there is always a need for continuous self- education.

While volunteering, there has also been the opportunity to meet so many outstanding community champions and individuals who are passionate about the same things that I care about.

Volunteering is a way to donate your time, energy, and love back to something that you care about in the world. The Center has so many different areas for volunteers to participate. I like that you can choose something that works to your strength or challenge yourself with something new. You can choose to participate in stand-alone event opportunities or become a regular volunteer like me.

Volunteering has led to many connections and memorable moments. I’ll never forget a great moment of satisfaction when we loaded the very last box perfectly into the van during breakdown for the Simply diVine event. Nothing builds camaraderie more than successful cleanup at 2 a.m.

I’m also really glad I am able to celebrate the Center’s 50th anniversary. I invite all volunteers to join me in pledging 50 hours of service this year in honor of the big 5-0.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Year Started at Center: 2018

Volunteer Position: General, Legal Services (Immigration Law Project Volunteer)


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