Meet the Center’s Gina Bigham


The Los Angeles LGBT Center was there for me when I really needed it — before I was even an L.A. resident. I was so inspired by the work the Center does, and what they did for me, that I knew my destiny was to work here and to share the inspiration and empowerment I gained with the rest of our community.

The Center has given me an amazing platform to share our abundant resources with our trans and non-binary siblings. I’ve become a leader within the community and have earned the reputation as a “go-to” person for folks in the community who need assistance.

I have encountered two separate incidents of clients who moved to Los Angeles from out of state to be a part of the Center / Trans* Lounge family. One person and her wife came to our Trans Pride event and was so struck by the amazing show of community love that they moved their family from Florida. The whole family has become a mainstay of the community.

Another Trans* Lounge member, who was living in San Francisco at the time, saw an advertisement for our Comic Cure class. She was so starved for community in San Francisco that she traveled to Los Angeles every week for seven weeks to take part in our Comic Cure class. She made so many connections through her experience with the Trans* Lounge that she also has moved to L.A. and is now a regular Trans* Lounge participant.

For anyone who is thinking of working at the Center, I will say, “Do it!” I don’t think I have ever worked in a more positive, life-affirming place in my life. Where else can you give back to your community and also find stability and happiness? I feel very fortunate that I get to leave my house every morning to come to the Center and am excited and proud of what I do and where I work.


Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Year Started at Center: June 2011

Staff Position: Manager of Trans* Lounge & Education Empowerment Programs

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