Meet Center Volunteer Gualberto Ramirez


I work from home for the healthcare industry so volunteering at the Center has gotten me out of the house, made me more social, and helped me grow as a person.

In addition to working at the Center’s various special events, I work a weekly shift at The Village at Ed Gould Plaza’s front desk, and I co-facilitate the ¡Hablemos! social network discussion group twice a month at the Center’s Mi Centro in Boyle Heights.

I decided to become a volunteer because I wanted to give back to my community. I have always enjoyed being of service and feel it’s a good fit for me. I continue to learn and grow with each event and program I volunteer.

The most memorable and inspiring moment as a volunteer happened at Models of Pride in 2016 and seeing parents participate in the event in support of their LGBTQ child. I saw parents excited that their kids were there. It was so moving. It was the first Center event I ever worked, and it blew me away. I was inspired to do more for the Center.

For anyone who loves being of service, you should volunteer at the Center. Once you take that first step and put yourself out there, every moment will be a rewarding experience for you and the people benefiting from your volunteer service.


Hometown: Boyle Heights

Year Started at Center: 2016

Volunteer Position: Information Specialist


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