Meet Center Volunteer Hermina Ban


I feel like the Center is my second home, my second family.

I have volunteered at hundreds of events over the years, including most shows, plays, and musical events at the Renberg Theatre and the Davidson/Valentini Theatre (both at the Center’s Village at Ed Gould Plaza). This has enriched my life in so many ways and allowed me to gain insight into a variety of things that occur behind the scenes when putting on a major event or show.

I love talking to people, meeting people. I’m really interested in them and I’m a good listener. It’s important to be friendly, welcoming, and to help ensure people have a good time. I feel like I’m kind of hosting. The Center is like my second home, my second family. When people come here I want to make sure they feel welcome. I just feel proud to be associated with a center like this one. The pride and joy I feel at the end of my volunteer shift often stays with me for days.

Volunteer: Hermina Ban
Hometown: Safed, Israel
Year Started at the Center: 2001
Volunteer Position: Cultural Arts/Special Events


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