Meet the Center’s Jo Cerda


I came to work at the Center because I felt there was a need for youth in the child welfare system to experience being served by someone who looks like them and experiences similar struggles regarding their sexual orientation, religion, and culture.

Working at the Center has given me an opportunity to expand my capacity to model, support, and influence my fellow staff members to provide the best direct services possible. It’s also given me the opportunity to provide feedback to the child welfare system that could inform the department’s policies when it comes to serving LGBTQ+ youth.

In addition, I’ve also been given a platform to manage a Spanish support group at the Center’s Mi Centro location in Boyle Heights for loved ones of LGBTQ+ youth who can use support and education that will help increase their level of acceptance. Every single conversation in my support group has been absolutely meaningful. It’s a constant AH-HAH moment.


Hometown: Bell, California

Year Started at Center: 2012

Staff Position: Youth and Family Connections Manager


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