Meet Center Volunteer Arianna Messmer


After receiving the COVID-19 vaccine this spring, I began volunteering at the Center during the free lunch service for seniors and the Pride Pantry. I also recently volunteered for Pride Picnic held at Hollywood Forever!

I became involved because I wanted to feel more connected to my community—both my geographical neighborhood and the wider LGBTQ+ community. I wanted to share my love and give back with acts of service.

Through volunteering, I have met so many new people and have had so many great conversations during each shift. It is nice to walk to the Center’s Liberation Coffee House and see people I’ve met while volunteering.

I had never been a volunteer before, and I have learned that I can be of value and service to others exactly as I am. It has brought more purpose and meaning to my life!


Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Year Started Volunteering at Center: 2021

Volunteer Positions: Pride Pantry; Special Events



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