Meet Center Volunteer Beth Sherman


I initially became a volunteer as part of the writing team for the Center’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2019 at the Greek Theatre. Telling the story of the Center and working with the people who were part of its history—and of its future—was truly humbling. Plus, I got to have lunch with Lily Tomlin!

Shortly before the COVID-19 crisis started, my mom passed away. Then, in early April, my dad passed away. (Neither passing was from COVID-19.) My work then paused completely due to the pandemic, I suddenly had nothing but time and wanted to get out of my own head. I looked to the Center for volunteer opportunities and it didn’t disappoint.

As a Pride Pantry volunteer, I deliver bags of groceries and pantry items to clients who either can’t afford them at the moment or can’t safely get out to make the purchases themselves. I’m thanked sincerely for every delivery, and every thank you is memorable. Every delivery includes a greeting card written by a Center volunteer. Nearly every client mentions how much they appreciate the cards. People are especially isolated and lonely right now, and a handwritten note reminding them that they’re cared for and part of a larger community goes a very long way.

Volunteering this way has given me a chance to give back to a community, an organization and a movement that’s done so much for me.


Hometown: Philadelphia

Year Started Volunteering at Center: 2019

Volunteer Positions: Pride Pantry/ Senior Angels


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