Meet Center Volunteer Chris Phillips


It’s weird to think it’s been a full year since I started bagging groceries at Pride Pantry and delivering them to the Center’s senior clients. It’s become such a regular part of my life. It gets me out of the house, out of my head, and into thinking about people other than myself.

As soon as lockdown was a reality and after hearing about the increased danger posed by the COVID-19 virus to American seniors, I knew it wasn’t an option to just sit in my apartment and only take care of myself. I volunteered with the Trevor Project helpline for LGBTQ youth and now wanted to volunteer with our community’s seniors.

Recently, I delivered groceries to a client who made masks for the volunteers. I love bright colors, and the mask she gave to me matched perfectly with my outfit. We have talents to contribute even if our resources are different.

Volunteering at the Center has introduced me to a number of Angelenos whom I never would have met otherwise and taken me to parts of the city which I never would have seen. It’s a good idea to choose a volunteer position that gets you out of whatever bubble you’re in—you’ll learn things you never considered before!


Hometown: Austin, TX

Year Started Volunteering at Center: 2011

Volunteer Positions: Senior Buddy; Senior Angels



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