Meet Center Volunteer Cristina Di Gioia


So many people I love are LGBTQ+, and I am proud to be an ally who serves the community and is involved in activism.

I was raised in a strict Catholic household in a small town, and the choices I thought I had for my life were really limited. LBGTQ+ people have shown me that I could also create a life that is more beautiful than I thought possible. They have given me far more than I could repay, but I intend to spend my life trying!

I began volunteering at the Center last year distributing the to-go lunches to seniors. I love the seniors whom I have been able to work with and appreciate them so much. I also volunteer at the Pride Pantry where I pack boxes and bags with food and help hand them to the public.

Volunteering helps me feel like I am being helpful and contributing during such unprecedented times. I have met amazing and caring people who have become great friends and share my passion for equality.


Hometown: Redding, CA

Year Started Volunteering at Center: 2020

Volunteer Positions: Pride Pantry Volunteer, Senior Services


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