Meet Center Volunteer Dawn Garcia!


Being a part of the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Resistance Squad has changed my life and given me a way to express myself through tangible, real-life action.

I’ve made friendships that enrich my life in ways words can’t express and gained a far deeper understanding of how policy reform and compassionate legislation can change the game and pave the way for true equality. I’ve learned even more about systemic injustices and how necessary it is that we never stop fighting. Ever.

Volunteering is a privilege and it’s one I am eternally grateful for. Working together, mentoring other volunteers, watching and learning so I too can become a leader in activism and social, gender, and racial justice is priceless.  During the pandemic, I have participated in multiple phone banks and in deep canvasing. I have also attended marches, participated in virtual breakout sessions and taken part in leadership council recruitments.

I’ve always been an advocate of equality. But it was the death of my cousin, Cheyito, that really solidified my desire to volunteer. He died after being attacked by a homophobic twentysomething in Laguna Beach. I vowed to spend the rest of my life making sure I was a part of advocating and educating generations on equality, inclusivity, and fighting for compassionate legislation.

Since his death, I have marched, protested, and even embraced my own bisexuality with the help and support of my fellow volunteers at the Center. My child also came out as non-binary queer and I couldn’t be more proud of them. The Center has given me so much love and so many tools to foster love in return.


Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Year Started Volunteering at Center: 2018

Volunteer Positions: Resistance Squad Rapid Policy Response Team



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