Meet Center Volunteer Geoffrey Skoglund!


As part of Gucci’s Changemakers program, employees are able to do volunteer work four days a year with pay. I began working at Pride Pantry through this program and loved it so much that I kept coming back. Watching the news, seeing people visit food banks, and seeing the drastic need for food in general hit a nerve with me. I felt like I had to do something somewhere, somehow related to that.

I volunteer on Thursdays which is when we box up food and put fresh produce into bags in preparation of the distribution on Fridays. People can walk up, drive up, or get the food delivered.

I feel like it’s been really important for me to give back during this time of pandemic. I’m very fortunate that my employer was able to keep us on when our stores closed and were unable to sell to our clients. Our company still supported us, they took care of us. I never had to go without so I was very fortunate.

As a gay man, it means a lot to be volunteering through the Center and to know that people have a place to go. The efforts of the staff are monumental. While volunteering, I’ve met some really cool people from different walks of life and different backgrounds. I love being there. It makes me feel like I’m doing something outside of myself that everyone can benefit from.


Hometown: Barnum, Minnesota

Year Started Volunteering: 2020

Volunteer Position: Pride Pantry


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