Meet Center Volunteer James Sie


I think volunteering is an essential component of being human. To help others and to think beyond oneself is to contribute to the well-being of the community around you and to move the world a fraction more toward the good.

Plus, it’s good for the complexion.

I’ve learned that I have a much better sense of self-worth when I volunteer. It takes me out of my own loops of preoccupation and small anxieties.

Delivering groceries to seniors feels incredibly urgent to me because that population is much more susceptible to the damaging effects of COVID-19. The risk to me, however, is very slight because social distancing is strictly enforced during deliveries.

I have experienced so many memorable moments while volunteering. I remember taking photos at the annual Trans Pride next to a replica of a Stonewall sign, and there was such incredible goodwill among all the participants. Everyone was so happy to be there and to share in the celebration.

To anyone who is thinking about becoming a Center volunteer, do it! You will get so much more out of it than you think. The coordinators are incredibly friendly and forgiving, and even those who are socially challenged will find the Center a comfortable, welcoming place to volunteer.


Hometown: Maplewood, New Jersey

Year Started Volunteering at Center: 2018

Volunteer Positions: Senior Services; Models of Pride; Trans Pride.

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