Meet Center Volunteer Jessica Kouba!


My life has been enriched so much by volunteering at the Trans Wellness Center. I am there at the front desk for three hours every Friday and I know that while I’m there, I’m taking some of the burden off of the staff members so they can get their trainings done, answer their emails and call clients.

It’s such an incredible community. Everyone pitches in and it feels very familial. Everyone who works there is so extremely giving and selfless and patient and has made this their life’s work.

The people who come in are so special and unique — and grateful. One day one of the clients was busy working on something in the waiting room and it turned out they were creating this really beautiful piece of art for me. I didn’t expect it at all and it was so special. I keep it in my car so I can see it while I’m driving.

I’ve gained a really valuable perspective on gratitude and am able to really understand more what somebody else might need or be going through. It’s so important to get out of yourself and step into a different world.


Hometown: Los Angeles

Year Started Volunteering at the Center: 2021

Volunteer Position: Front desk Trans Wellness Center

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