Meet Center Volunteer Jimmy Blackburn!


I became a Center volunteer because I wanted to give back to my community and be a part of all the amazing things the Center is doing to help people.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began last year, I have been helping to serve box lunches to seniors in the plaza of the Anita May Rosenstein Campus. Engaging with the seniors during the lunch service is always memorable, and I am looking forward to when we get to return to serving them hot meals inside the Senior Center again someday. I also pack boxes of food in the Pride Pantry on Thursdays and greet food pantry recipients when they pick up the boxes on Fridays.

It’s been great getting to know the other volunteers and hearing their stories and getting to know the incredible people who work at the Center. Doing this work has reminded me of how joyful it is to support people and an organization trying to make a positive difference in the world. It has added more depth to who I am as a person.


Hometown: Brunswick, Georgia

Volunteer Positions: Senior Services and Pride Pantry

Year Started Volunteering at the Center: 2021


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