Meet Center Volunteer Kathryn L. Beranich


I have learned that, despite being retired, I still have a strong work ethic. So, when I saw the Pride Pantry being set up, I jumped at the opportunity to join the effort to stave off food insecurity. The comments or stories people share with you while you’re giving out the food is unpredictable. Most people are grateful, a few are picky, and some are surprisingly disclosive.

Pride Pantry workers span multiple generations, and it’s been really interesting sharing our experiences and various points of view. Volunteering has also made me aware of the many services the Center provides that extend beyond the Anita May Rosenstein Campus and the South LA and Mi Centro locations.

The Center is an incredible asset to our community, especially in times of need. Volunteering here has given me the opportunity to meet LGBTQ folks of all ages.

For anyone who is thinking about becoming a Center volunteer, don’t wait—make a plan to start volunteering now. You can’t beat the feeling you get after doing something that benefits others.


Hometown:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Year Started Volunteering at Center: 2020

Volunteer Positions: Pride Pantry



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