Meet Center Volunteer Kevin A. Easley Jr.


It’s such a good feeling to help others. You never know whose life you’re changing.

Becoming a facilitator for the Center’s Bi-osphere and Coming Out groups during the COVID-19 pandemic has enabled me to connect with people virtually during a time when we’re told not to go anywhere or even have people over. It’s four walls, and you are in your thoughts. There are people, who are usually very social, who are experiencing depression for the first time.

Making people feel good is a big thing for me, and this has been an opportunity for me to spread positivity. I want people to feel confident in themselves, to know their value and their worth.

Leading the sessions, you notice the growth of some of the participants and how they respond to certain situations. They are benefitting from what the Center has to offer.

Once it is safe for us to gather in groups again, I look forward to meeting these people in person whom I’ve been interacting with on the computer screen for the past year.

I always feel good at the end of our sessions. They give me peace.


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA.

Year Started Volunteering at Center: 2019

Volunteer Positions: Facilitator of Bi-osphere and Coming Out groups



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