Meet Center Volunteer Lukas-Alex Breuer


I always feel comfortable at the Center which has been there for me in so many ways including legal services and housing. I really appreciate everything. Everyone needs some type of help at some point, and that is why I like to give back in any way I can.

During the pandemic, I have packed groceries each week at Pride Pantry. I put in the effort, and it is coming from love. Everyone around me is happy because I work very fast. Last week I was packing, and one of the staff members asked, ‘Can I take a picture of your bag?’

Volunteering has really helped me a lot mentally. It has made me to realize I’m doing something good for myself and for someone who needs help. I really appreciate that I can be a part of it.


Hometown: Ľubica, Slovakia

Year Started Volunteering: 2021

Volunteer Position: Pride Pantry


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