Meet Center Volunteer Nethaniel Asher!


Trans* Lounge is virtual right now because of the pandemic but it is still someplace to go. Everyone needs someplace to go that’s not home, somewhere where there are kindred spirits. I felt that immediately. These are my people.

I was asked to become a group facilitator shortly after I attended the Friday night Trans Perceptions support and conversation group for the first time. I had past experience in this area and am now one of the facilitators for that group as well as for some others.

Being a volunteer facilitator is me contributing and giving back. It really kind of fills me up. I feel like I’m a good listener and good at being supportive and speaking the truth.

Also, the sad things that I’ve gone through in life are given more meaning. For example, there’s a person in one of the groups who is currently living in a group home setting and that took me back to my youth as a foster kid and ward of the state. It’s important for me to be able to say and to show that that part of your journey does come to an end.

We often think of love in a romantic way but love is also giving of ourselves. And it’s a two-way street because you are given something in return.


Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Year Started Volunteering at Center: 2021

Volunteer Position: Trans* Lounge group facilitator 


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