Meet Center Volunteer Stephen Blaha


I became a volunteer at the Los Angeles LGBT Center to say ’thank you’ and to give back. During the early AIDS years, the Center was such an important place for me for testing and for reassurance during what was a truly scary time.

After the COVID-19 pandemic began, I became part of the Senior Angels team which is a group of volunteers who packs up groceries and delivers them to LGBTQ seniors throughout Los Angeles. I am primarily on the delivery team that picks up the bagged groceries at Triangle Square and delivers them to apartments and homes. I usually do five or more deliveries at a time.

The driving takes me all over the Los Angeles area, from the South Bay to San Fernando Valley, and from upscale neighborhoods to poor ones. It reminds me that this virus has affected everybody no matter where you live and who you are.

Every time someone opens up a door and smiles and thanks me, I’m so glad to be there. Everyone is thankful. It’s wonderful to bring love and comfort and relief, and maybe some joy, to my brothers and sisters.

This is a really enjoyable way to connect with people and to give back to our wonderful community.  It’s not about me—it’s about us.


Hometown: Glendale, California

Year Started Volunteering at Center: 2010

Volunteer Positions: Special Events, Senior Angels



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