Meet the Center’s Blossom Brown


The Los Angeles LGBT Center is a great place to work, learn, grow, and just build a stronger foundation for your professional development.

I have learned that I am even more resilient as a Black trans woman working within the Center. I have a clear‐cut understanding of myself and what is needed.

The Center itself is a work in progress. The work must continue at a consistent, diligent level to bring not only inclusion but also an expansion of understanding for all.

The conversations staff is having about diversity and inclusion has been one of the most memorable things in the past 12 months. We are seeing progress being made, and they need to be ongoing.

The Center has been there for the LGBTQ community which is a major blessing during a pandemic. I love what I get to do each and every day: being able to give people access to PrEP.


Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi

Year you started working at the Center: 2016

Staff position: Linkage to Care Coordinator


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