Meet the Center’s Elektra Isaac


I had a strong desire to find a community and work in a place where I could be me authentically. I have found that at the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

As a trans woman who was never able to medically transition, I have been given the incredible opportunity to experience life in a way I never thought possible. That has included undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy and being able to have a support system that has been invaluable to me. Being a part of the LGBT community and having space to work in a professional setting as our authentic self is truly a rare and special thing.

My job at the Center involves conducting financial screening interviews and enrolling clients living with HIV into the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the screenings have taken place online instead of in person which has meant losing some of the face-to-face aspects of my job and some of the personal touch I was able to bring to each client. But hearing how relieved most of the clients are for still having access to care has given me the strength the muscle through these difficult times.

The pandemic has reminded me of how important it is to have community. So many of us have felt isolated and alone during this time for obvious reasons. I check in with my co-workers as much as possible to see how each of us have been holding up. Because of these incredible co-workers and a workplace doing so much to make sure we were as safe as possible, we have been able to persevere and continue providing care to our clients.


Hometown : Miami, Florida

Year Started : 2017

Position current: Health Services, Patient Services Specialist







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