Meet The Center’s Gia Rili!


I left corporate America in 2021 to simply be of service to our community. The entire world is currently short-staffed, and I wanted to give our Center my full attention after spending four years here as a volunteer.

Uplifting and pouring into the next generation is very important to me. The main reason why I started volunteering with the Center was my desire to lend my talents and support to the programs provided through Youth Services.

My staff job is in Special Events which handles the philanthropic arm of the Center’s events. After spending 20 years working in corporate events, I am an expert at pivoting. But turning on a dime during a COVID-19 pandemic has taught me new levels of balance and self-care. You can’t pour from an empty cup!

The Center has gifted me an incredible tribe of like-minded loves and there have been so many memorable moments and experiences working here. My conversations with seniors about gender have been incredibly enlightening. I’m so grateful for their stories of perseverance and resilience. Those conversations have been invaluable to my journey.

I’m also so proud of the Center for seeing the need and creating Pride Pantry during the early days of the pandemic. Joining forces with Center staff and our wonderful volunteers to box and bag essentials for those in need has brought me so much comfort during these trying times.


Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Year Started Working at Center: 2021

Staff Position: Special Events Associate

Pronouns: They/Them


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