Meet the Center’s Gonzalo Garcia!


When I started doing AIDS/LifeCycle in 2011, I fell in love with the experience and the community. Over the next few years, I started recruiting my friends in New York City to also do the ride. When I saw a job posting in 2013, I realized that the recruiting I had been doing on my own was actually a job! Since I had wanted for awhile to live in California, this was the right job at the right time. My job involves educating folks about how we do the ride to support the work of the Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. I sell the ride and the experience to people and convince them to fundraise.

I have empathy and compassion for people who are less fortunate than I am, who are having a hard go at life. Working at the Center during the pandemic has shown me how strong and resilient everybody is, and it has helped me grow into an even more compassionate person.

I love working for this organization because we really care about our community and about taking care of our community. There are people here who really want to see a positive change in the world.


Hometown: New York City, NY

Year Started Working at Center: 2013

Staff Position: AIDS/LifeCycle Senior Outreach Manager




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