Meet the Center’s Jennifer Griffin


After I finished grad school, I wanted to work at a place where I could make a difference—and that place has turned out to be the Center. I’m pretty much the unicorn of my department where I’m involved in a little bit of everything that happens in Finance.

Coming to a non-profit organization from the corporate world, I’ve learned that I have much more to offer than just a skill and can bring more to the table. At the Center, you are more than just your role, and you know that you are valued.

You also do more than just show up for work—you show up as your true self. The Center allows you to do that. I feel more comfortable being me. When I was in corporate, there was a certain look, a certain lingo, a certain everything. The Center is more “come as you are.” You show up and present yourself because that’s what we’re all about. I’m grateful for that because I hadn’t been able to feel that for a long time.


Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

Year Started Working at Center: 2019

Staff Position: Financial Analyst


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