Meet the Center’s Jose Barrientos


I had been working for Rite-Aid pharmacies for 10 years when a former co-worker of mine asked if I would be interested in a position at the Center’s pharmacy. I had honestly never heard of the Center at that point and decided to come take a tour. I immediately decided this would be an amazing place to make a new start. It turned out to be one of the wisest decisions of my life.

Working at the Center, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, has taught me that I can stay calm in situations when others may break down. Resilience is something I never thought I had! Sure, there have been moments when I felt anxious and maybe fearful about getting the coronavirus. It was on my mind all of the time. But, thank God, it never happened, and now we are all vaccinated—I feel thankful for that. I feel grateful to our pharmacy operations manager who spearheaded getting the vaccines to the Center’s frontline and essential workers fairly quickly.

These tough times have made me realize that we can get ahead as long as we stay calm and follow proper guidelines. In moments of despair, we always find a way to get through it at the Center, where everyone does a great job at trying to keep all staff safe and in good health—mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Working at the Center has taught me to understand humans more, to treat people with kindness, and to accept and love everyone just as they are. The staff is a group of beautiful souls helping the community and helping one another. It’s an amazing adventure.



Hometown: Los Angeles

Year Started at the Center: 2016

Staff Position: Pharmacy Technician



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