Meet the Center’s Luckie Fuller!


When I began working at the Center in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had a very logistics-oriented mindset. But that soon evolved into a far more tender and compassionate approach to my job linking seniors to various benefits such as MediCal, medical alert devices, and nutritional assistance.

This is not an easy job because it involves supporting our community in sometimes very difficult ways. This is heart work that will definitely reveal different facets of yourself that you didn’t know existed. It is a job that will help shape your soul for the better if you allow it.

I have learned that my own vulnerability can be, and has been, an asset to the work I do and allows others to be vulnerable as well.

One of the most powerful moments I’ve had on the job is when one of our senior clients came out as a trans man for the first time — to me. I’m a trans man, and he said he saw something in me that made him feel safe enough to talk to me about it. It was incredible to experience this freedom with him.

I have learned so much from our seniors about what life was like when they came into their truth, including the barriers which still prevent them from fully standing in their truth. I appreciate our elders so much more for inspiring me to comfortably stand as my true self. Their example has inspired me to provide the same kind of support to the younger folks in my circle.


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Year Started Working at Center: 2020

Staff Position: Senior Services Information & Engagement Coordinator




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