Meet the Center’s Pamela Brooks!


I happened to attend a conference at the University of Nevada, Reno, and one of the speakers was Lorri L. Jean. Her presentation about the Center and AIDS/LifeCycle inspired me and sounded like a dream I wanted to be part of.

In 2012, due to unexpected life changes, my wife and I moved from Reno to Los Angeles. The Monday after we unpacked, I applied at the Center because I could not imagine anything more rewarding than getting to work there every day. It took a few attempts. I started volunteering and finally got my opportunity.

It is so lovely to work in an environment that allows me to be myself and still challenges me to be more than I was yesterday. I help with general Human Resources day-to-day operations with a primary focus on managing and building our employee training and development program.

From the beginning of COVID-19, we realized the importance of keeping the trainings going.  I needed to convert all of our classroom trainings to an online learning management system as quickly as possible. It was bit of “trial by fire” but going virtual has been a positive change. It’s given me more creative options and more flexibility and accessibility to others.

During the pandemic, I have learned the meaning of resilience and how important it is to take care of myself. The Center is a physical space, but it’s also this amazing energetic space with staff and volunteers trying to do their best to help as many as they can. When you bring that much purpose and commitment together with the urgency of COVID-19, it has created an even more special purpose for us to survive this together. It has been challenging and sometimes exhausting but also full of beautiful moments. I am proud of how we’re all constantly adapting and pivoting.


Hometown:  Mesa, AZ

Year Started Working at Center:  2017

Staff Position: Training Supervisor, Human Resources





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