Meet The Center’s Robert Peters


After graduating from nursing school in 2009 and then working in the ER and Oncology at USC Medical Center, I applied for jobs at the Center and AIDS Healthcare Foundation. I was offered positions at both places at the same time. My love for the community and the multitude of services at the Center made my decision for me.

When the AIDS epidemic was in full swing in the mid-1990s, I lost many friends at that time to the virus. Many years later I tested positive for HIV and Hepatitis C and began treatment. So, it was always my plan to work in HIV.

Almost daily, I see patients and clients whom I know from the community. It’s rewarding, as nursing manager, to help them receive the services they need. Whether it’s testing, treatment, PrEP, PEP, trans health, recovery, women’s health, or mental health.

During the pandemic, so much has changed for me and my staff including schedule changes, patient flow, and working part-time from home.

So many team members have risen to the occasion during staffing shortages, filled in where needed, and taken on additional responsibilities. It’s made me so proud of my amazing team! Their commitment to service is truly an affirmation of the dedication to clients and patients here.

Working at the Center has opened my eyes to all the letters in “LGBTQ” after being introduced primarily to the G. It has made me a more compassionate and empathetic human. My service to the entire community has made me a better person.

To anyone thinking of joining the Center, you will find a new home and alternative family here as I have. Relationships extend beyond work, and life milestones are celebrated. It’s a beautiful way to work when you know you can just be your true self.


Hometown: Lancaster, Pa

Started working here: October 10, 2010

Position: Nursing Manager


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