Meet the Center’s Samantha Christie!


Before coming to work at the Center, I was working as a pharmacist at a for-profit pharmacy chain and thought I was content.

Then in May 2017, my girlfriend and I attended the Center’s An Evening With Women fundraiser and I was very moved by Lorri L. Jean’s speech that night and by the event itself. I began keeping an eye out for any openings for a pharmacist job at the Center.

I work in our main pharmacy checking prescriptions, at our Center WeHo medication dispensary, and now in our new medication dispensary at Center South’s primary care clinic. It’s been really rewarding to be able to meet coworkers at the different locations and to practice pharmacy in these various settings.

When in the clinics, my main job duties are to consult and dispense medications to patients and review prescription refill requests to determine if they should be approved, denied, or next steps. I also consult with the patient and schedule follow-up appointments or labs.

The pharmacy and clinic have been open throughout the pandemic and I have continued to work on site.

The COVID-19 pandemic really pushed along plans to move to a more technology-forward system to work together through online communications rather than doing everything exclusively in person. Our management team also worked quickly to keep our staff six feet apart as best as we could without delaying patient access to healthcare and their medication.

Since the pandemic began, I have learned about self-care. The pandemic has been full of emotions and it is very important to figure out how to manage them — especially after almost two years of pandemic.


Hometown: Canton, Ohio

Year Started Working at Center: 2017

Staff Position: Pharmacist

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