Meet the Center’s Skylar Myers


I came to work at the Center to empower the very communities that nourished my journey in finding my queerness. In short, I love LGBT people, and I love my job!

The Center’s Youth Academy, where I work, is a department of innovation and go-getters. If anyone in the Youth Academy brings forth a new idea, we always feel supported to make it happen. When it comes to developing new programming, everyone from entry-level staff to higher management has a say in the program’s implementation. We are encouraged to come up with new, appealing ideas that reflect the needs of our young people. It’s never a boring day.

Working in social services where you’re serving extremely vulnerable populations can be emotionally taxing. But every morning when I come into the laughter and light my youth often exhibit, it reminds me there is always something worth fighting for.

Working for the Center has been an extremely validating experience. I have never felt more supported in both my professional and personal life as I have while working at the Center.


Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Year Started at Center: October 2014

Staff Position: Employment Coordinator, CYFS


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