Meet Center Volunteer Terry Lloyd


I’ve experienced many unexpected moments and rewards.

I volunteer a lot at Center events: the Anniversary Gala Vanguard Awards, Circle of Life luncheons, AIDS/LifeCycle, and special events for LGBT youth and seniors. I’m usually at the check-in table because I love working with the public and getting to know them.

I’ve met guests from di­fferent stages and walks of life at Center events. I’ve had so many unexpected moments and rewards, which is inspiring and humbling. One time, after I was done with check-in at an event, I was talking with two of the Center’s youth clients who were kicked out of their homes for being LGBT. I tried to be encouraging, especially about staying in school. When I saw them again at another event, they told me they were both finishing school and thanked me for our previous conversation. It was a very emotional moment for me.

Volunteer: Terry Lloyd
Hometown: Oakland
Year started at the Center: 2015
Staff position: Special Events


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