Meet Center Volunteer Wes Joe


I’m retired and have plenty of spare time so I know how easy it is to become isolated from time to time.

When someone from the Center’s Hello Club called to check in on me last spring, I decided to volunteer and become a Hello Club caller myself. I managed to work through minor frustrations like technical glitches and realized I am still capable of learning and becoming better at doing things. I approach the people whom I call as peers because I have been through—and still going through—many of life’s ups and downs and sheer boredom.

One of the peers I called was unhoused and depressed. As a volunteer I couldn’t do much, but I made sure she had the helpline number and passed a note concerning her situation to Center staff. When I called a month or so later, she was cheery, housed, and feeling hopeful. That followup call made me feel pretty good! A few other peers I’ve called have, like myself, lost a longtime partner. This made it possible for us to readily share some thoughts and experiences.

Volunteering at the Center’s Hello Club has given me a more positive attitude. I’m feeling helpful and less isolated.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Year Started Volunteering at Center: 2020

Volunteer Positions: Hello Club

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