Simply 4 You: Seedlip


Meet our food and beverage partners for this year’s Simply diVine, as they answer four of our burning questions.

We look fourward to seeing you on Saturday, April 27, at Hollywood Forever!

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Introducing the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits, Seedlip is a nature company on a mission to change the way the world drinks. Three unique and complex blends—Spice 94, Garden 108 & Grove 42—simply served with tonic or mixed to create sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails.

LGBT News Now: The name “Seedlip”…what exactly is it? We’re guessing it has something to do with botanical seeds meeting up with our lips, right?

Ben Branson, Seedlip Founder: It took me three months to find the name. I wanted to go down a botanical or Latin path, but nothing stuck, nothing was personal. When I went home to see my grandmother I asked her about what it was like growing up on the farm. She said there were no machines around and most things were done by hand. She would use baskets called seedlips to sow seeds from. It was the perfect fit—that’s what we’re doing, taking things from seeds to lip.

LGBT: Describe Seedlip’s consumers—are they non-drinkers? The sober community? The under-21 crowd?

BB: Seedlip is for those people who are not drinking for whatever reason, from those who can’t—pregnancy, medication, the designated driver—to those who aren’t—having a night or week off, at lunch, an early start the next day—to those who just don’t. I think everyone can relate to being offered a boring, plain soda or feeling totally let down if they get offered a sweet fruity drink!

LGBT: Compared to organic juices and cold pressed drinks, are there any healthy benefits to imbibing Seedlip?

BB: All three products boast zero calories, zero sugar and are allergen- and gluten-free which we think are important attributes and health credentials. There are no medicinal benefits from drinking Seedlip.

LGBT: This year the Los Angeles LGBT Center is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Say a toast to us!

BB: Seedlip believes in inclusivity. Period.

Alcohol or not alcohol, gay or straight, meat or no meat for example, it really shouldn’t matter. The freedom of personal choice is probably, and in many cases highly ironically, one of the great luxuries life should now offer.

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