Simply 4 You: Zonin Prosecco


Meet our food and beverage partners for this year’s Simply diVine, as they answer four of our burning questions.

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Zonin ProseccoZONIN1821, Italy’s largest privately held wine company, produces Prosecco, a wine for enjoying simple moments of life. Zonin Prosecco is a varietal wine made from the Glera grape, which is native to the Veneto region. There, the Zonin family owns the largest Glera vineyards in Italy. Prosecco’s fresh and fruity flavor profile make it easy to pair with any kind of food and also makes it a delightful aperitif. A glass of Prosecco with friends is the perfect way to enjoy the simple moments of life.

LGBT News Now: Tell us more about the Zonin family. 

Mary Ann Gutierrez, WSET & Certified Sommelier, Southern California Market Manager: The Zonin story goes back for almost two centuries, passed on through seven generations. It has its roots in the heart of the Veneto in Northern Italy and expands to seven of Italy’s finest wine-producing regions. Three Zonin brothers represent the latest generation of the company’s history. Domenico, Francesco, and Michele Zonin now carry on the success of the family business, maintaining the traditions that have been handed down since 1821

LGBT: We love brunches—with pastries, Mimosas, and all! Please share your best mimosa recipes with us.

MAG: One of the greatest cocktails in the world is a Mimosa! Not only is it delicious and refreshing, it is so easy to make. You can become a bartending star among with your family and friends by adding your own stylish twist. Start by pouring 4 ounces of chilled Zonin Prosecco over 2 ounces of orange or tangerine juice in a pretty glass. From there, add a few frozen grapes, a sprig of fresh mint or a splash of pomegranate juice for more color and flavor. The more creative you are, the better!

LGBT: For some of us who are beverage-challenged, what’s the difference between prosecco and champagne? After all, they both contain bubbles…and have the same effect on us, we think.

MAG: All Prosecco comes from Italy, and true Champagne comes from France… for consumers, the great difference between the two is the price. Prosecco is more affordable with single-bottle prices typically between $9 and $18, while Champagne usually sells for more than $30. Prosecco bubbles are larger than the fine bubbles you see in Champagne. Prosecco flavor is fruity and round, and it has an easy-drinking style. The production of Champagne is more involved than Prosecco and takes a lot longer to make. With the great affordability and casual style, Prosecco can be enjoyed more often adding a bright sparkle to every day meals and weekend brunch.

LGBT: This year, the Los Angeles LGBT Center is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Please give us a toast—in Italian!

MAG: Zonin Prosecco celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Los Angeles LGBT Center – Salute a tutti! Health to all!

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